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      Running Custom Orthotic
    Foot Orthotics Designed for Runners

    Custom made for you without a doctor's prescription

    Our Price: $134.99

    Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
    Product Code: C-RUNNING

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    Product Details
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    *Silver Polyethylene
    *Extrinsic rearfoot post with high density EVA with non skid bottom plates
    *Deep heel cups
    *Compressible forefoot post to sulcus
    *Poron 1/16 overshell to sulcus (can request full length topcover)
    *Vinyl topcover that cleans easily and is anti-microbial
    Product Description:
    Wearing foot orthotics allows your body to function at your neutral position and it is in this position that the function of the feet and legs is optimal. A neutral position foot can support body weight when both feet are on the ground without the help of muscles or ligaments. The integrity of the bones and joints of the foot support the weight of the body. When the foot is in neutral position, the heel bone (calcaneus) is perpendicular to the floor and parallel to the lower one third of the leg. The metatarsal heads are resting on the ground and the plane of the metatarsal heads (ball of the foot) is perpendicular to the long axis of the calcaneus. During gait, the foot must be in neutral position just prior to the time that the heel leaves the ground. When this does not occur, the muscles of the lower extremity work overtime in attempts to stabilize the foot. Custom foot orthotics help put you in your neutral position thus helping to eliminate the pain and discomfort you are experiencing.
    Custom made orthotics are used to reduce pain, provide support, remove pressure and stress from painful areas, proper proper alignment, restore balance, improve sports performance, alleviate hip, knee and back pain, and improve overall function of the foot.
    One of the first questions people always ask after they find out they need foot orthotics is "will I have to buy new shoes?" The answer is NO! Our Running orthotic is designed to fit in your current running shoes. You will not have to buy a new pair of shoes to accommodate your custom made foot orthotics. For a better fit, we do recommend removing your shoes' insert (the inside lining/insert the shoes came with when you purchased them) but that is all you will have to do!
    Our Running custom made orthotic has a runner wedge incorporated into the orthotic that helps supports the forefoot at the angle that it hits the ground while running. This helps to promote a stronger push off and it helps to prevent shin splints. The dense EVA used for the rearfoot post will provide control and the deep heel cups and silver polyethylene shell will provide even extra control of the foot. The Poron padding over the shell is made of the most shock abosorbing material available. If you would like a full length top cover instead of the standard sulcus length, please make a note at check-out in the Notes section of your order. No doctor's prescription is needed to order.
    In addition to custom foot orthotics, you can prevent pain by always warming up for a run by walking for 10-15 minutes, replacing your shoes every 500 miles, limiting your mileage increase to 10% per week, adding speed oriented training in small does and developing a strong, economical stride.
    Sizing Information:
    When you place your order for custom foot orthotics, you will be asked to select a size. This only helps us determine what length to make the topcover so that it best fits in your shoes. We make CUSTOM foot orthotics from an impression of your feet so we will ascertain the size of your feet from our mold. When you place your order you will be sent an impression kit that will allow you to take an impression of your feet. These impressions will guide us in making your custom orthotics. You will be sent instructions along with your impression kit to help you with the impression process. The impressions are captured in a foam box so the process is easy and mess free! Once you receive your custom orthotics (2-3 weeks after we receive your impression box back at our facility), please follow the Wearing Instructions that will accompany your new custom orthotics.
     You may find a copy of the Casting Instructions on the FAQ tab on our Homepage.
    Product Promotions:
    All of our custom made foot orthotics qualify for Free Shipping. Free Shipping will be calculated at check-out.
    All multiple pair orders within 12 months will receive a 15% discount (15% discount on all additional custom made foot orthotic orders within 12 months). Please use coupon code oammulti15 at check-out.

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